You may be asking: what are the best dimensions for images that will be used on my Kickstarter Campaign? Well, you are in the right place — today we dive into the optimal dimensions and provide a few valuable resources to create graphics.

There are two images sizes that are important to get right. The first one is the project image. That is the main image that shows up throughout the Kickstarter website and when someone shared an embedded widget. It is larger than the other campaign images.

The second image size is for regular campaign images and graphics. These are the images that go in the general campaign section that makes up the bulk of your Kickstarter page.

Optimal Project Image Size

The optimal project image size is 1024×576 pixels.

kickstarter project image 1024x576

Please note that this image has been scaled down by this blog. But it does show the ratio which the image will be set up.

This is set at a 16:9 ratio. Kickstarter accepts most major file formats but it is recommended that you use one of the following file types:

  • JPEG
  • PNG
  • GIF
  • BMP

It is important to note the different advantages of each file format.

JPEG – a Joint Photographic Experts Group (JPEG) image is usually used on the web but is more compressed. However, when compressed to a smaller size, it can lose quality. It is best used for photographs or realistic images.

PNG  – a Portable Network Graphics (PNG) image is a high-quality image for the web. It is best for icons, text or line-based images. It also allows you to have a transparent section.

GIF – a Graphics Interchange Format (GIF) image has multiple frames. This feature allows you to add an animation that plays automatically. It is popular to see many gifs on Kickstarter campaigns.

BMP – a Bitmap (BMP) image that are generally not compressed.

Optimal Regular Campaign Image Size

You may get conflicting advice online but the optimal image size for the images in the campaign section is 680 pixels wide. Many of the articles online are outdated and recommend 620 pixels. Kickstarter has since changed the design of the campaign pages and the largest with the 680 pixels wide. These images can be as tall as you would like.

Compression of Images

The maximum image size is 50 MB.

If your image is larger than 50 MB and you should use an online compression tool before uploading to Kickstarter.

When you upload to Kickstarter they will automatically compress your images for the web. If your file is over 50MB or if you’re using your images for other sites, I would advise using TinyPNG (it also does JPG & GIF). It is a free tool which converts your images to a much smaller size than a Photoshop compression.

Importance of Images

Using images on your Kickstarter campaign is important to its success. Images help to tell the story and highlight the personality behind your project. It is important to have high definition images. When possible, it’s effective to hire a professional photographer for your campaign. It will give your campaign a professional and appealing look.

Photos are probably the second most important visual asset after the video. Kickstarter allows you to upload HD images so don’t hold back. They also are important for news and blogs when they write about your campaign. Don’t be afraid to put high-resolution images in your press kit.

We see the majority of Kickstarter traffic coming from social channels. Social media is inherently image-driven. For this reason, great visuals are crucial to campaign success. An appealing and explanatory image will increase your reach and the number of online shares.

If you have a physical product, it’s really important to get great product shots for your campaign. You can look online for tutorials on how to do budget shooting of your products or you can hire a professional.

Kickstarter Image Templates

If you are using Photoshop, you can set the canvas size to the widths described above to ensure the best Kickstater sizing. If you don’t use Photoshop, I would advise using Canva. Canva is a free online tool to create graphics. Canva allows you to set an image size at the beginning of their ‘Create a design’ process. You can see in the screenshot below how to do that. You will notice to keep a 4 x 3 ratio the height is 480 pixels.

kickstarter image size

Visuals are crucial to your campaign’s success. Take the time to create engaging images and to size them for maximum effect. This effort will ensure your campaign looks great from day one.