We have collected the best Kickstarter social media tools to get more shares and campaign backers. Community is the foundation of every successful crowdfunding venture, so establishing a network of followers should be a top priority.

The good news is, social media is less expensive than the standard offline marketing tools. On the downside, almost everyone is already on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, making it more difficult for your business to stand out.

But don’t be discouraged just yet.

There are always apps that will help get your message across all the major platforms in just a few clicks. Here are six tools that will boost your Kickstarter’s social media shares. It’s unlikely that you’ll be using these tools all at once, but it’s essential that you study each of them.

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They’ve branded themselves as “The all-in-one Content Amplification Platform” reaching about 450 million people each month.

Let’s take a closer look at their strategy:

Shareaholic2Acquire. The tool helps you reach a targeted audience each month through marketing ads and sponsored posts.

Engage. It increases page views, time on site, repeat visits and social sharing.

Analyze. Quickly identify your audience, including individuals interests and search patterns.

Monetize. Increase your website profits through affiliate programs, links, etc.

The Shareaholic platform is most known for its Share buttons, Shareable images, and Follow Buttons. These help your readers easily share content they love to their family, friends, and followers.


But unlike other platforms that just allow you to add a share or follow button, Shareaholic’s shareable image feature enables you to add smart buttons to images like the one below.

Shareable Images

You can find a lot more Tools in Shareaholic’s website that would fit or possibly change your approach to social media marketing.

WP Social Sharing

To get more blog visitors, you need to provide your current readers with an easy way to share your content via social media.

If you’re using WordPress, then this tool will address that problem.

This plugin lets you add visually attractive, responsive buttons for all of the critical social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.

WP Sharing

Although this isn’t the only useful WordPress social sharing plugin, we recommend it to our followers for its simplicity and convenience.

If this plugin doesn’t fit your needs, then you might want to check out these other free alternatives:

These plugins all have the same function and goal – to help you get more social shares.

Social Rank

Social Rank will help you get a better understanding of your Twitter and Instagram followers. If your business is more focused on these two platforms, then this might be your social solution.

This tool allows you to sort, filter and engage with followers.

So you might be asking, if this is an analyzing tool, how does this help increase social shares?

Social Rank has a three-step action:

First, it segments your followers into several categories such as most valuable, most engaged, best and most followed.

Then, they filter these fans based on their bio, location, activity, and other information to help identify the best time to communicate with them.

Once you have this information, SocialRank then lets you take the following actions:

  • Send direct personal messages
  • Export information to CSV
  • Export information to PDF
  • Build Lists
  • Save searches


Though SocialRank may be limited to Twitter and Instagram, the increasing popularity of these two networks are enough for us to pay attention to their follower growth.


Here’s another free Twitter tool that will benefit your Kickstarter campaign.

Tweriod tells you the best time to contact your Twitter followers. It tells you when your followers are online.


Seems simple right? But here’s the logic behind that:

You can’t expect your followers to read your tweets when you’ve posted them at a time when they’re offline.

On the other hand, if you publish content at a time when they’re scanning their News Feeds, there’s a larger chance that you’ll be able to get more Retweets.

Unfortunately, Tweriod only gives you information on Twitter, so if you’re not going to be using that platform, then there’s no need to use this tool.


You might be asking, wait isn’t Reddit a social networking service? What does it have to do with the future of my Kickstarter project?

Well, I hate to break it to you, but despite its lack of visual appeal, Reddit allows you to reach 34 million unique users.

Reddit users love to share unique and exciting content. They also showcase a lot of categories called Subreddits which includes Funny, Pics, Celebrities, Videos, News and yes, even Kickstarters.

All you need to get started in Reddit is to create the right content. With the right subreddit and information, you’ll have comments and shares in just a matter of time.

NOTE: Reddit users hate SPAM, so try to avoid that as much as possible.

Reddit is also one of the ways you could establish yourself as an influencer and get readers to follow your other social accounts.


Check out this Reddit marketing guide for some internet tips and tricks.


Did you know that the greatest tool to help you increase shares isn’t necessarily a tool? It helps you create valuable content.

Content doesn’t just come in the form of articles and short twitter posts. It can also be through the mediums of photos, images, and videos.


Canva is an online tool that will help you create graphics for all the leading social media platforms. They have pre-made layouts that you can easily customize.

Creating visual content has never been this convenient. This app lets you upload your images, add text, create shapes and much more.

Travel Screenshot

You don’t even have to worry about image dimensions because Canva has you covered. You’ll save more time and money from hiring a graphic designer, and put more of your resources into promoting your Crowdfunding projects.


With 2.8 billion active social media users in the world, it can be a challenge to get them to listen. But if you’re Kickstarter project has a niche that’s large enough, then increased social sharing will help you find the right people to back your campaign.

These tools can assist you in getting more social shares, but creating the unique content and developing an innovative strategy is entirely up to you!