A great tactic to get more social shares on your Kickstarter is to add calls to actions (CTA) for major social media accounts. In this post, we will provide free downloadable CTA templates and show you how to upload them to your campaign.

I first saw Pebble using this on one of their campaigns. Pebble is frequently looked up to for launching some of the best Kickstarter campaigns.

The social media CTA’s are on the campaign page and when clicked users are prompted to share the campaign.

Kickstarter Call to action

Download CTA Images

You can download facebook and twitter template CTAs here. If you are making your own make sure you optimize your Kickstarter images. The most important thing to remember is for full width images you want the images to be 680px wide. If you don’t have photoshop you can use Canva to create your Kickstarter graphics.



The images can be downloaded here: Kickstarter Social Share Images.

Create Links for the CTAs

Once you have downloaded the files you need to create links that we can use to prompt the user to share and track how many shares there are. We have previously outlined tools to help increase social shares.

For this example, we are going to use Bit.ly for link tracking and Share Link Generator for the links.

Create Share Link

You can go to Sharelinkgenerator.com to create the links. For Facebook add the link to your campaign. The link goes in the top section. Then click create the link. The URL only is what you are going to want to copy.

kickstarter social share link

You can test this link by copying it and pasting into your browser. It should prompt you to share the page on Facebook.

share on facebook

For Twitter, you need to add the copy that you want to show by default. If you want, you can tag yourself by using @yourtwitterhandle.

You can test this link by copying and pasting the URL-only link in a browser window.

twitter share of kickstarter page

Create tracking link with bit.ly

There are multiple tools you can use to increase social shares on Kickstarter, but Bit.ly will help share those links. You can setup a free account on Bitly.com

Once you create an account you will be sent to the main dashboard where you can create links.

Take the link that we created on Share Link Generator and click create Bitlink button in the top right-hand corner. Then paste that link in the “paste long URL section”.

Screen Shot 2016-07-07 at 2.12.53 PM

Then click the “create” button at the bottom the page. After this you will be sent back to the dashboard where you can copy the shortened bit.ly link. This is the link you want to use. You can then track how many people clicked the link. To test that the links work, paste the link in your browser. It should take you to your campaign page and on the Bit.ly dashboard the total clicks should increase to 1.

bitly link

Add CTAs to Your Kickstarter Campaign

Once you have downloaded the files you need to upload them to your Kickstarter campaign page. Then you need link them to direct to the share links. To do this you are going to use the links we created in the previous step from bit.ly. If you use the other link you can’t track how many people clicked on the CTA.

Navigate to the project description section and click the image button on the editor. It’s right between the video camera and music note icons.

Once you upload the image you will be prompted to add a caption or URL. You don’t need to enter a caption. We don’t recommend doing this here. You do need to add your bit.ly link. Make sure you copy the Facebook link for the Facebook CTA and the Twitter link for the Twitter CTA.

image link kickstarter

Once you insert the image you can see how it will look on your campaign by going to the preview view. You can always preview your campaign using the preview button at the top of the page.

Test out the links from the preview view by clicking on the CTAs. We also recommend adding a bit of text before the share CTAs.

preview of kickstarter CTA

Track Success

You can follow the success of these CTAs using the dashboard on Bit.ly. These CTAs will help your campaign get more social shares. Let us know how successful these were by adding your thoughts in the comments section. Social media is one of the most important ways to get more backers on your crowdfunding campaign.