Can a College student crowdfunding campaign? In this blog post, I hope to show you all about why a college student can start a crowdfunding campaign. I will go through why you can start a campaign and why you should start one. Assuming that you are a college student that is searching this I hope to inspire you or someone you know to start their own campaign.

The Answer

The basic answer to this question is yes, of course, you can. Why couldn’t a college student create a crowdfunding campaign? Think back to when you graduated from high school. From that point, you had the choice to either continue your education or go into the workforce.

You could have started your career at that point but you went down a different path. In this day and age, we seem to assume that all college students are from age 18-22 but that isn’t true. College is just a way to advance your knowledge but there is no age limit on who can attend. All you must do is meet a school’s requirements and apply.

College students should be more inclined to start a crowdfunding campaign. I say this because college students are full of ideas but don’t know how to act on them sometimes. Being in college you are surrounded by all kinds of knowledgeable people. Looking around a campus you will professors, doctors, clubs, and organization that are all willing to help you. There are so many resources that you can take advantage, so why not jump on the opportunity to utilize them?

At first, you might not know what you are doing at first but with time you will ask yourself why didn’t I try this sooner. If you have a good enough idea there is no doubt in my mind that a college student could easily make it work. Simple actions can help you achieve your goals and build a resume in the process. I encourage you to take advantage of what is right in front of you and make it work to your advantage.

Prior Success for College Students

Let’s take a look at someone who has created a billion dollar corporation. Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, started his company as a young college student. At a young age, he took his idea and turned it into a billion dollar corporation. He needed help on the way but he believed in his idea and did what it took to get it off the ground. You could easily do the same thing he did but it has to start somewhere and you have to be dedicated. 

Facebook and other social media apps

Why not start a campaign

If you have been thinking about starting your own company or crowdfunding campaign I hope that you realize that you can do it. There is nothing stopping you from achieving that goal except yourself. If you truly believe in your idea and know that it can be successful utilize everything around you and get started today. For all you know you could have the next big idea. Your idea could pay for your education and then some. The only question you have to ask yourself is, “Am I willing to go the distance to become a successful entrepreneur?” If the answer is “Yes” nothing will stop you.

Still Not Convinced? Try This

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If you want to get some educated on young and successful entrepreneurs do a quick Google search. You will be surprised at what someone people have done at young ages. 

These three entrepreneurs followed something that they believed in and become successful at very young ages.

  • Nick D’Aloisio: Designed a 30 million dollar app at age 17
  • Cameron Johnson: By his senior year of high school he was worth $1,000,000
  • Sean Belnik: Worth 24 million by age 20 starting with $600

Thousands of people have become successful in college or even before college. They just took a skill or idea and brought it to the next level.